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How Dossoles Holiday Solved the Biggest Issue With Events in Arknights

As much as I love Arknights, there has been one aspect of it has that started to bother me the more I play. For a mobile gacha game that surprisingly tends to respect the player, it has always confused me as to why its events are the one thing that do the complete opposite. This especially came to light during the recent re-run of Dossoles Holiday, which is the only event that to my knowledge has had a system that completely solved the issue at hand.

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Romantic Killer – The Overlooked Anime of 2022, and a Critique of Societal Expectations

Romantic Killer is a scathing critique of the notion that women cannot be self-reliant without the involvement of a man in their lives, while surprisingly also briefly touching upon some other heavy social themes such as toxic masculinity or victim-blaming.

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The Struggles of Making a New Blog

If you had told me that my very first non-introductory post on my brand-new blog would be completely unrelated to what I expected it to primarily be about, I would call you a fool. But that is precisely what this blog post is. It is about the trials and tribulations I went through trying to set up this blog, because it caused me enough agony for a lifetime. More specifically, I’m talking about the blog design.